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Fun of a realtor's life

Пост обновлен 25 июня 2020 г.

Recently when exchanging experience a colleague from Toronto told me a story. To help you understand it, it's important to know how real estate works in Canada: 1. All the offers are published in a common MLS (multi listing system). 2. Most people who want to buy a property contact a real estate agent. He is motivated to show them any offer on the market, because he'd receive a standard 2.5% commission from the offering realtor for bringing a buyer.

The story: Two grannies called his Russian speaking friend who was a realtor, with a request to see if there was anything for sale in the downtown near the specific address. They said they didn't not speak English, financing was not a problem. Agent checked the MLS, found the offer in the house next to the specified one. Grannies: “Can we see it today? We don’t have a car. Can you pick us up?” Feeling a business opportunity, the realtor rushed after grannies despite the late hour. Delivered them to view the apartment. After checking it they said it was not bad, they had to think it over.

Once back in the car, they asked if he would drop them off on the next street, they were going to the theater now.

It's time to give this story a title - "How to get a free ride from a periphery to the downtown in Toronto."

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